December 11, 2021

​Enumerators, Transcribers, and Indexers: 
Finding Ancestors in Spite of Them

with Beth A. Stahr, CG®

 Errors have always existed in genealogical records and publications.  Electronic publication and modern technology have accelerated the replication of old errors and created a different set of new errors.  Such mistakes or misinterpretations can disrupt and complicate the progress of genealogical research by introducing “red herrings” that lead us astray.  Genealogical brick walls are often the result of bad information provided by a single record.  In this lecture, genealogist Beth Stahr will provide some examples of erroneous database entries as well as some useful work-arounds that can be used to resolve some of the conflicts created by these errors.

 Beth A. Stahr is a certified genealogist with over forty years of genealogical research experience.  She was first certified by the Board for Certification of Genealogists in 1990 and served as a former president of the Board for Certification of Genealogists.  Beth has lectured for local, state and national genealogical societies, and her research has been published in academic and genealogical journals.  Her personal research includes her paternal Polish ancestry and her maternal Southern and Native American ancestry.  Beth holds master’s degrees in library science and organizational communication.